Further production

Additional machines for further processing of the most different candles.
These are for example cutting, milling and drilling machines for
different outputs and product dimensions.

Milling machine for household candles

Candle diameter: 10-30 mm
Candle length:     80-400mm

output:   3.000-25.000 candles/h

Milling machine for pillars

Candle diameter: 40-150 mm
Candle length:     80-1500mm

output:   50-1.000 candles/h

Different melting devices

For smoothing the surface and profile melting of straight candles.

Candle diameter: up to 150mm
Candle length:     up to 300mm

output:   up to 1000 candles/h
Special machine engineering
Fixture construction
CE marking
Candle machines
- Raw material
- Molding
- Pressing
- Filling
- Wicking
- Further production
- Additional machines
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