Additional machines

Wick waxing equipment

The wick waxing equipment is a continuously working small drawing machine in order
to produce waxed wicks. The finished waxed wicks will be spooled on drums, so that
they can be directly processed by wicking or wick inserting machines.

Finished wick size: up to 4 mm

output: up to 3.000 m/h (with a wick diameter of 3 mm)

Candle drawing machine

A continuously working candle drawing machines helps to produce candle strands
from paraffincompositions. An endless wick is drawn through the machine and in
each circuit the wick is alternating flushed with liquid paraffin, calibrated by a
calibrating whole and cooled by air or water.
From circuit to circuit the strand diameter is rising. The finished strand will be cut
into pieces and transported to a milling machine for further processing.

Candle diameter: 12 to 30 mm

output: up to 12.000 candles/h


In the candle dipping machine wicks strung on frames will be dipped into wax and
afterwards be cooled with water and air. With each dipping cycle the candle
diameter rises. After the required candle diameter has been reached, the candle
base will be automatically melted free and the frames will be placed on a transport
rack for further processing. The candles can be produced of white or solid-coloured

Candle size: Ø 6 to 50 mm
Up to 500 mm height

output: up to 4.000 candles/h (with Ø 10mm)

Color Overdipping

Color overdipping machines will be used in order to complete the candles with a
color coat. This can be effected by one or further dip processes. We can deliver
the machine with hydraulic as well as electrical actuated dipping stations.
The size and equipment of the machine can be conformed to the custom
requirements. The color dipping machine are normally installed in a
complete production line, but can also be offered with a manual feeding system
to use the machine as a stand alone solution.
For candles up to Ø 150 mm and 600 mm length

output:   up to 12.000 candles/h
(depending on the diameter, form and length of the candle)


Fully automatic packaging line for household and taper candles. After the finished
candles are continuously supplied to the packaging area, a robot puts them into
boxes which are fed by a transport system.
The flexible suction tool allows the robot to take every second candle, in order to pack
tapered candles „head by foot“. Also you can choose the number of candles and layers
you want to put in one box.

output: up to 15.000 candles/h (depending on the package size)
Special machine engineering
Fixture construction
CE marking
Candle machines
- Raw material
- Molding
- Pressing
- Filling
- Wicking
- Further production
- Additional machines
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