Raw material


Paraffin tanks are used for melting, tempering and mixing of wax. Technical equipment
and sizes of the tanks will be set up to the requirements of each customer.

Capacity: 50 – 2000 liter

Powder spray drum

Powder can be produced from liquid paraffin by using of water cooled powder spray drums.
Different drum sizes for different capacities are available.

output: 400 - 1200 kg / hour

Spraying chamber

The spraying chamber works with a fluid bed system and can be installed outdoors.
The air stream needs only to be cooled if the outside temperature is more than 15° C.
The produced powder consists of spherical particles and is more uniform than from
the spray drum. This can be helpful, if very good pourability is required.

output: 1000 kg/h

Wax granulator

The wax granulator is needed to crush wax slabs into small pieces, which can be used
for further processing in an extruder press.

output: 800  kg/h

Special machine engineering
Fixture construction
CE marking
Candle machines
- Raw material
- Molding
- Pressing
- Filling
- Wicking
- Further production
- Additional machines
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