Different wicking systems for the production of lights and filled containers are available.

Wicking and cupping machines

The wicking and cupping machine fits automatically tea, votive and grave lights with
wicks and wick clips. Afterwards the candles will be put into cups.
Several machines can be linked with a powder press to a fully automatic production

output:   up to 11.000 tea lights/h  
up to 5.500 votive lights/h

Wick inserting machines

Wick inserting machines are used to fit tea light cups or containers with wicks,
in order to fill them with wax afterwards. The machines cut a waxed wick to the
demanded length, and assemble it with sustainers. In the next step the wick
clip assembly will be inserted into the cup or container, in which it will be fixed
with hot glue.

output:   2.000 to 6.000 wicks/h (depending on the length of the wicks,
the used sustainers and containers)

Wick Clip assembling machines

With these machines waxed wicks will be cut to a desired length and fixed to metal
sustainers. These assemblies are appropriate for the manual insertion in candles
or containers. The wick length can be adjusted to the required length.
The machine is equipped with a digital counter.

product data’s:
- wick diameter up to 3 mm
- wick length is continuously adjustable
- sustainers up to Ø 20 mm

output:   up to 12.000 assemblies/h (depending on the wick length)
Special machine engineering
Fixture construction
CE marking
Candle machines
- Raw material
- Molding
- Pressing
- Filling
- Wicking
- Further production
- Additional machines
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