Filling equipments will be used to fill containers of glass, metal, plastics etc.,
as well as tea light cups with liquid wax. Gravitation fillers are preferred to
be used for.

Filling machine

The equipments can be conformed to the most different requirements and to the
required automation level.
For example a standard configuration could be consisting of:

        Preparation or melting tank
        wire mesh conveyor belt
        filling unit with recirculation tank

Filling volume and conveyor speed are adjustable.

output:   up to 10.000 containers or glasses/h ( by 4 oz. fill volume)
up to 20.000 tea lights/h
Special machine engineering
Fixture construction
CE marking
Candle machines
- Raw material
- Molding
- Pressing
- Filling
- Wicking
- Further production
- Additional machines
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