Raw material
- paraffin tanks and boilers in order to melting, tempering and mixing of wax

- fully automatic candle molding machines
- air-cooled molding machines for pillar candles

- hydraulic stamp presses
- extruder presses
- rotary presses

- Filling equipments to fill containers of glass, metal, plastic etc.

- Different wicking systems for the production of lights and filled containers

 Further production
- Machines for the process of the most different candles

 Additional machines
- Wick waxing equipment
- Candle machine
- Dip
- colour dip
- Packaging
Special machine engineering
Fixture construction
CE marking
Candle machines
- Raw material
- Molding
- Pressing
- Filling
- Wicking
- Further production
- Additional machines

Candle machines
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