Due to the introduction of the CE mark obligation defined by the EU, many manufacturers,
Importers, buyers und resellers of appliances or machines have many unsolved questions.

The EU has already defined more than 20 various CE-relevant regulations, which has been
legislated from the member countries of the EU in national laws. Due to this regulation,
the CE mark has become legal to all manufacturers or Importers of products.

The CE mark causes problems again and again.
So manufacturers and Importers e.g. have following questions:

 Does my product have the CE mark obligation?
Which regulations must I use for my product?
 Are there any exception regulations?
how can I execute the conformity for my product?
 Which norms can i use in order to achieve the safety requirements?
 Which obligated arrangements must be executed then, in order to be conform
 with the CE mark?

By these and further questions regarding the CE mark for machines and equipments,
as well as by submitting or preparing the necessary documents, the Brademann +
Broistedt GmbH & Co. KG offers you the corresponding support

 Explanation, which European and National legal basis for machines and equipments
 are valid.
 Statement, under which premises machines and equipments can be transported
 and be used
 consultation, how machines and equipments should be ordered
 Support in coordinating within the company, beginning from submitting offers-
 (e.g. functional specification) to the overtake report of machines and equipments
 by the customer
 Explanation about attention has to be paid to chaining of machines and reconstruction
 of machines and equipments.

In line with the CE documentation we support our customers by following tasks:

 Execution of regulations- and norm investigations for the corresponding product
 Preparation of danger analyses/ risk evaluation for machines and equipments
 Preparation of manuals/mounting instruction for machines and equipments
 Issuing the EU-conformity declaration of the manufacturer or of the fitting declaration

In line with the CE instruction we offer workshops regarding danger analyses/ risk evaluation
for machines and equipments.

We offer you a complete solution of construction and
CE-documentation from one hand!
Special machine engineering
Fixture construction
CE marking
Candle machines
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